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Saturday Podcast: German Election Results, Republicans Block Debt Ceiling and YouTube cracks down on Anti-Vaxers

Fire Chris Cuomo

Saturday Podcast

The Selfish Cruelty of the Anti-Vaxxers Must Stop

Joe Manchin: When Campaign Finance and Obstruction Meet

Saturday Podcast

Morning Podcast:

Update to The Podcast

Bonus Episode: Chatting w/ Vintage Miranda

Impeach Andrew Cuomo

Saturday Podcast: Infrastructure Deal Goes to Floor in the Senate, Charlie Kirk Disrespects Simone Biles, DOJ Against Voter Suppression, Biden Forces Federal Employees to Vax, and the January 6th.

Saturday Podcast: Vaccines for Children, Trump Ally Arrested, China Blocks Who, Pelosi Kicks Jordan, Biden Supports the Filibuster, and Tucker Carlson Fights With Capitol Police

How Alden Global Capital Destroys the News

Let Them Howl

The Profitable Victimhood of Ben Shapiro

Saturday Podcast: Joe Manchin Takes Money From Fox News, Updates on Haiti, DACA in Jeopardy, Vaccine Hesitancy and Right-Wing Terrorists Foiled

Saturday Podcast: Russian Hackers breach the RNC, Haiti’s President Assassinated, Trump Sues Social Media, Biden withdrawing from Afghanistan and Hope in Vaccines

Trump Struggles Back Online; Sues Multiple Social Media Companies

White Supremacy in the Capitol: Remove the Statues

Saturday Podcast

The Lost Cause: A Pernicious Myth

Saturday Podcast: Trump Spied on Congress, Three Percenters Arrested, FBI Director Calls January 6th a Terrorist Attack and Iran Nuclear Deal Negotiations

The Double Standards of Jeffrey Toobin's Return

What Happens to Joe Manchin?

Saturday Podcast: Biden at Tulsa, Israeli Parliament To Overthrow Netanyahu, Postmaster Louis DeJoy Investigated and New Trump Spying Revelations

The Tulsa Massacre: A Reckoning of Blood and Memory

Saturday Podcast: Ceasefire in Israel, Trump Organization Under Criminal Investigation and Republicans Oppose January 6th Commission

Saturday Podcast: The Atlanta Shooting Is a Hate Crime, Pro-Trump Spies, Violence in Israel and Heritage Action Tricksters Attack Voting Rights

Saturday Morning Podcast: Facebook upholds Trump's ban, Liz Cheney, federal charges in Minneapolis and violence in Israel.

The 1619 Project: A Public Historian's Perspective

Saturday Podcast

Anti-Semitism and the Internet: A Struggle Against Hate

Podcast rescheduled

Due Process and Matt Gaetz: A Response to Glenn Greenwald

Matt Gaetz: An Uncertain Future

Podcast Canceled

When the Law Comes for Matt

Podcast on break for Easter

Fox News Is Becoming a Haven for Trump Allies

The Battle for the Vote

Saturday Podcast: Southern Border Controversy, Naming Shooters, Georgia Voter Suppression and Fox News Lawsuit

Saturday Podcast: Cuomo Allegations, Expelling Marjorie Taylor Greene, Atlanta Shooting and Steven Crowder

Tucker Carlson: A Symbol of Privilege and Sexism

All Eyes on Minneapolis

Podcast will start up next week

Myanmar: A Dying Democracy

Cuomo in Trouble

No Podcast this Saturday

Saturday Podcast: The Equality Act, Minimum Wage, Jamal Khashoggi and Vaccines.

America Will Lose 500,000 People, a Horrific Loss

Firebrands Under Fire

Gov. DeSantis Event Under Investigation; part of a larger Floridian pattern

Saturday Morning Podcast: Rush Limbaugh, Texas on Ice and Modern Media.

What's Next for Biden?

Update on Saturday Podcasts:

Trump Acquitted, leaving questions of justice unanswered

Saturday News Podcast-February 13

Interview with Dr. Darr

Saturday News Podcast-January 30th


Saturday Evening Coverage-January 23rd

Update on The Future of the Podcast.

Impeachment: Interviewing Dr. Christopher Budzisz

Snakes: Profiles in Cowardice

Your Fault: The American Right's Sins Laid Bare

Trumpism Will Die When Progressives Rises