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Democracy is not a game but a system that requires careful cultivation and care. In these trying times, Americans need to remain as informed and aware as ever about the problems that face our country. With climate change ravaging the world, constant obstructionism from the GOP and corporate Democrats, our democracy requires a revival of vast proportions.

The Progressive American is dedicated to that need. Through its work, The Progressive American guides you through the political infighting that stops America from making the progress that everyday Americans need to see in their lives.

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The news is a vast sea of sometimes contradictory stories filled with aboutism, false equivalence, and partisan hackery. On The Progressive American podcast, I guide you through the week’s news with a progressive tint and work to keep an eye on the gridlock that locks up our political system.

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Political commentator, freelance writer, and polemicist. BA in political science and history. UIS 2024